[Linux-cluster] failover domain ip address hidden?

Greg Forte gforte at leopard.us.udel.edu
Thu Dec 8 15:22:02 UTC 2005

Interesting, thanks.  I didn't know you _could_ set multiple addresses
for an interface without using a separate label for each.  I don't
suppose there's a way to configure cman so that it _does_ use labels?
It would seem a tad more convenient to have this show up in ifconfig,
 I can never remember the ip syntax.


Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
> Greg Forte wrote:
>> Can anyone explain to me how failover ip addresses are bound to
>> interfaces in the kernel, or why they don't seem to show up in
>> 'ifconfig' output?  I've got one configured and it worked like a charm
>> first try (unlike my fencing setup, heh), I'm just confused as to why
>> it doesn't appear in ifconfig.
> try running "ip addr list"

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