[Linux-cluster] rgmanager causing hard lock ups

Eric Kerin eric at bootseg.com
Sat Dec 10 16:48:03 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-09 at 16:38 -0700, Ryan Thomson wrote:
> However, now if I bring up the cluster and start rgmanager, the node that
> tries to start one or more of the services (I can't tell which service but
> I suspect the NFS export service) will hard lock with the caps lock and
> scroll lock lights blinking and the rest of the cluster is useless:

> Any clues?

Your Kernel is panicing, that's what the blinking caps and scroll lock
lights are.  Check your /var/log/messages file for the OOPS message, and
post it here.

Eric Kerin
eric at bootseg.com

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