[Linux-cluster] NLBr witout using cluster suite ??

Yazan Al-Bakheit yazan at ccs.com.jo
Tue Dec 13 06:33:02 UTC 2005

Hi ,

       i sent an Email asking about NLB  , and i wrote the following :

        can any body please tell me about how to have nlb implementation on 
        redhat enterprise v3 ???

        i will have a simulation for two PCs :
       each one have two network cards and 3 GB RAM
       Redhat enterprise linux V3 update 5

      and we will install IAS , tomcat , ECC schema , ECC services , ECC 
      Application on each one of the two PCs .

      but after that i want to configure NLB on linux , So how and where to 
      start configuring the NLB .

       if any one have do this , please to tell me about or any documents to 
      read   because i want to test the NLB with the ECC system 
      (Performance issues).


  Actualy , i have two nodes and want to build NLB between them but i dont 
  want to use Cluster suite (cluster ware )   .

   Can i do it ?  and How ?

  Does any one configure it without cluster suit ? please can you respond 
  me please .

  if it will not be configure without cluster sute please inform me , i have to 
  take a decision .


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