[Linux-cluster] Re: Linux-cluster Digest, Vol 20, Issue 14

Robert Ruge robert at deakin.edu.au
Thu Dec 15 02:10:26 UTC 2005

> While it is possible that the GFS system available under RH4 
> works and 
> fixes some of these issues, I can't be upgrading our 
> production machines 
>   with major OS releases every few months on the unconfirmed and 
> probably slim chance that the upgrade will fix the problems.  
> I'm sure 
> I'm not the only one in this kind of situation.
> Sorry for the rant-like post, but I am just a tiny bit 
> frustrated here.
> jonathan

RH4 has not fixed the problem at all. I too moved filesystems over to
GFS for the purpose of NFS and Samba file sharing and have since moved
them all back to ext3. I didn't even have a heavy load but I could
consistently lock up Samba and GFS. I now only use GFS for stuff
needing to be common between the machines and for Vmware images where
I can failover vmware machines between cluster nodes. NFS by itself
behaves OK but samba on GFS sucks.


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