[Linux-cluster] mysql and redhat cluster suite?

Omer Faruk Sen omer at faruk.net
Fri Dec 16 07:43:55 UTC 2005


I want to install a mysql cluster. But I want to ask which path do I have
to follow? Or there is any special precautions that I have to take care
before and after installing mysql and redhat cluster suite.

My first impression is to install 2 node cluster it is better for me to
use GFS and a iscsi solution for a cheaper solution. But I have understood
from my readings that I can't setup an active-active mysql cluster using
redhat cluster + GFS. Because one node must be locked for writing. Thus I
think installing the second server for writing may be just for
availability not for combining 2 machines power ( I mean using

Then I think to install 2 machines for write (one is standby) on a redhat
cluster using GFS on a ISCSI system and adding a number of machines that
use the same GFS partition for msqyl read operations is what I have to
follow .. right?

PS: By the way can you give me an URL that details mysql and redhat
cluster + gfs installation? Or is there any ?

Omer Faruk Sen

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