[Linux-cluster] cluster with NFS

Saltermark, Atle atle.saltermark at brreg.no
Mon Dec 19 14:01:19 UTC 2005

I'm trying to set up a redhat cluster with NFS.
File systems which may be exported to NFS clients.

Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS) running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

On a "standalone NFS server" this is not a problem.
I only edit the file /etc/exports like this:


Then restart the nfs service and it's possible to mount from clients.

With the cluster suite I'm not using "/etc/exports".

With the cluster suite I'm getting trouble.
Have tried different configs, but not been able to get this working.
I'm must bee missing something (?)
I have not been able to find any good documentation on this subject.
Only on older cluster suite and this do not match my GUI.

The nfs and portmap services are running on both nodes as described.

There are several NFS Resources ( NFS Export , NFS mount , NFS Client )
Who must be edit to replace the "/etc/exports" on a standalone server.
And howto?

Any help appreciated.

Regards Atle

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