[Linux-cluster] gnbd configuration (newbie)

Frazier, Darrell USA CRC (Contractor) Darrell.Frazier at crc.army.mil
Tue Dec 20 15:57:42 UTC 2005

I am trying to set up a 2 node test cluster using the Cluster Suite and GFS.
Shared storage consists of three GFS formatted partitions on an iscsi jbod.
What I need to know is this: The documentation is a little vague in the
configuration of gnbd as a fencing device. How do I use the gnbd device to
fence the 2 nodes. Do I have to setup the existing GFS formatted partitions
to be exported as a GNBD device? Thanx in advance.  


Darrell J. Frazier

Unix System Administrator

US Army Combat Readiness Center

Fort Rucker, Alabama 36362

Com: (334)255-2676

DSN: 558-3879

Email: darrell.frazier at crc.army.mil



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