[Linux-cluster] Monitor external network-interface

Thommen, Christoph FKD christoph.thommen at bl.ch
Tue Dec 27 09:36:33 UTC 2005

Hi everybody


I've got a question:

I've configured a GFS-Cluster with 3 nodes. Now everything is running,
also the failover is running.

The only thing, that don't run is the failover if the external
network-interface goes down... what can I do to monitor the external
network-interface? Is there something, that I shout configure in the
cluster.conf or is there something else that I shout configure??


The network-configurations are like this:

- Node 1:          Cluster-Internal IP:

                        Cluster-External IP:

- Node 2:          Cluster-Internal IP:

                        Cluster-External IP:

- Node 3:          Cluster-Internal IP:

                        Cluster-External IP:



Thanks for your help






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