[Linux-cluster] Synchronized filesystem

Jean-Eric jec at rptec.ch
Thu Dec 29 14:05:17 UTC 2005

>>Is it possible to use GFS to make a synchronized filesystem between 2 
>>machines with a "slow" line in between?
>>I mean:
>>- One machine with storage is in US
>>- One machine without storage is in UK
>>- There is a 2Mbit line between them.
> Since it seems that you are primarily interested in persistent caching,
> you may want to consider OpenAFS: www.openafs.org

Yes, I want local caching but also transparent writes. If I'm in the UK 
I want to write FileServerInTheUk (ans that goes auto to 
FileServerInTheUS which holds the storage) and if I'm in the US, I want 
to write to US server.
Is this case handled by AFS?
The last case is that I need to mount the partition with NFS *and* Samba 
(we are a mixed Windows/UNIX shop) on Linux and Windows hosts (access 
through AFS only is out of the question...) so I'm not sure that AFS 
will do it... Or am I wrong?

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