[Linux-cluster] quorum problem

Yazan Bakheit yazan at ccs.com.jo
Sun Jan 2 18:02:58 UTC 2005

     i installed the cluster suite and then i found a problem in the shared
as i cant see it,and then i used the gfs and configured it and solve the
problem and after that i want to use the cluster suite gui but here in the
gui there is a check box called (Has Quorum) but i cant checked it it seemes
to be hidden, how can it be activated. i want to tell you that i used the
documentation for the gfs which is (rh-gfsico-en-6.0) and i perform every
thing but as two nodes, every thing is OK, but the original cluster suit
seems to be not working, what should i do now? , i will send or write you
the whole configuration that i used or creatre from the beginning if you
  Please Execuse me if im nagging you with these cases or these questions, i
know that my questions may appeare as a stupid question but i am new in the
field and i really need a help.
          Tahnk You
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