[Linux-cluster] lvm with gfs

Yazan Al-Sheyyab yazan at ccs.com.jo
Mon Jan 17 09:20:17 UTC 2005


The shared that i have is raid5, and i have completedthe partitions i want
and i formated them as gfs and mount them and everything is OK.

 but now , i want to setup rawdevices, and i want to put each rawdevice in
one partion , so i have taken the free space from the shared and made it an
lvm partition, and then i partioned the new lvm partition into 19 partitions
 /dev/vg0/r1........ /dev/vg0/r18
and i want to format them as gfs filesystem

i used the same procedure used from the beggining
so i made another partition named as /dev/vg0/newgfs (to use as CCS file)

but when i make : pool_tool -c to any of the new partitions it says that (
Unable to open device
"/dev/lvm(a-s)"  then it writes pool label written successfully from the

when i run  pool_tool -s
it writes an <ERROR> with the new partitions.

This is the problem.



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