[Linux-cluster] gfs/iscsi over 2.6.11 and gfs listener

Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Mon May 2 17:57:56 UTC 2005

i have to setup gfs over kernel 2.6.11 (due to requirements of 
So i cvs-checked out gfs and compiled it.
Cman does not join the cluster, so i used cman from stable (2.6.9) gfs 
Now it's working well, gfs is up and running, but i got two not reproducible 
oops (i do not remember weel but is it possible rebooting the system without 
umount gfs filesystems).
I read about different branch in cvs, may you descript them better?
What version should i use exactly in order to have a quite stable system?

The second:
Are there an ioctl call in order to "listen" at gfs?
I need a process on system "a" of two clustered nodes that listen about 
open/close/read/write operation of processes on the node "b".
Is it possible?

Thank you

	Nicola Ranaldo

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