[Linux-cluster] cman_tool: Can't find broadcast address for node

Andres Lagar Cavilla andreslc at cs.toronto.edu
Thu May 5 15:49:12 UTC 2005

That did work, thanks a lot.
However, my cluster is very unstable. I can execute cman_tool join -c cluster1 on my three nodes, 
but rarely does cman_tool status report 3 Total_votes.
Again, my SuSE box is steady, but the debian machines seem to de-associate from the cluster at will; I have no clue as to why this may happen

Reason I'm trying to get the cluster infrastructure functional is to avoid gnbd caching. I noticed I can use gnbd by directly:

gnbd_srv -n
gnbd_export -c ...
gnbd_import -n -i ...

However, I want all my machines to see a consistent state of the block device at all times, which happens not be the case
with caching. Unless I have something else not working properly...

Thanks a lot

Andres Lagar Cavilla wrote:

> cman_tool: Can't find broadcast address for node xxx
> > 

The usual cause of this is that the node name is bound to the loopback interface rather than and ethernet one.
Have a look in /etc/hosts for a line like	myhostname

and remove it...oh, and put a real IP address in there.



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