[Linux-cluster] GFS and CLVM-snapshot

Kenji Wakamiya wkenji at labs.fujitsu.com
Wed May 11 02:40:58 UTC 2005

Daniel Phillips wrote:
> I believe Dave actually meant to say, take a look here:
>  http://sourceware.org/cluster/csnap/
> It's a cluster snapshot.  This is ready to test if you are a developer, 
> but not ready to use in a production system.

Thank you, Daniel.  We are considering about a small web server for
in-house use.  I've known about CSNAP, but I've never tried it because
the tarball is for kernel 2.4.  Is it able to be used on kernel 2.6?
In the meantime, I will begin with GNBD+LVM on FC4-test.


-- Kenji

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