[Linux-cluster] cman_tool kill, cluster stuck

David Teigland teigland at redhat.com
Thu May 12 11:14:53 UTC 2005

On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 06:51:22AM -0400, Dan B. Phung wrote:
> Hi all, my cluster seems to be stuck!  one of the nodes
> went down, and I see a message on one of the live nodes
> that repeatedly says:
>   fencing node "blade12"
>   fence "blade12" failed

I've gone back to some of your previous messages where you included your
cluster.conf and you had fencing misconfigured.  Here's how manual fencing
should look.  Notice that the device name "human" under node refers to the
fencedevice with the same name below.

<clusternode name="node01">
                <method name="single">
                        <device name="human" nodename="node01"/>

        <fencedevice name="human" agent="fence_manual"/>

If that doesn't help, please send your current cluster.conf.

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