[Linux-cluster] cluster with LVM ...question

Yazan Al-Sheyyab yazan at ccs.com.jo
Mon May 16 07:43:09 UTC 2005


    I need to rebuild my cluster from the beggining again, but i have a question : 

  i have two nodes and a shared storage
and i will install RedHat ES V3 on each node and oracle software on each node
and only the data base will be on the shared.

  My question is that i want to use the GFS file system on the shared partitions , So can i make the hole storage space a LVm and then use the gfs on the logicals partitions ?

 I mean can i make the all storage as LVM then part it into logical partitions and then use the gfs on these logical ??

  have you any comments ?
  any documents ?

    all raw devices will be on the shared and all of the logical partitions on the shared will be formated as GFS File System ..... can i do this ??

 Thanks alot for any help.


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