[Linux-cluster] Unknow lock state!

Javier C. javilin2k5 at hotmail.com
Thu May 19 18:10:25 UTC 2005

Hi everybody;

We are using 3 servers with gfs and in logs of one of them i can read the 
following thing:

May 19 20:02:31 Linux1 kernel: lock_gulm: Error on lock 
0x4707000000000000309a286461746f7300 Got a drop lcok request for a lock that 
we don't know of. state:0x1

This message often appears and we do not know to what it can be.

We are using RH E.Linux Update 2. Kernel 2.4.21-15. Gfs version is 6.0.0-1.2

Thanks for any help and sorry by terrible english.

best regards.

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