[Linux-cluster] multiple service instances with rgmanager

Jason Lanclos jason at selu.edu
Tue May 24 15:24:33 UTC 2005

Is it possible setup a service that will run on 2 or more nodes at the same time?

I am testing RHEL4 and cluster/gfs for our mail server setup.
Currently we have 2 RHAS 2.1 boxes attached to a SAN. All filesystems are ext3.
One node handles all SMTP requests, and does virus scanning, mimedefang, spamassassin
and several other things with the incoming mail.
When its finished, messages gets handed off to the node that we have running the "mailstore"
which has all the home directories, and handles all of the IMAP/POP connections.
Needless to say, with everyone hitting the same server to receive mail, this machine
can get pretty busy, while the sendmail node has plenty of processing power to spare.

So, I've pretty much replicated our setup using RHEL4 and cluster/gfs so both boxes can 
receive mail, and service client connections for IMAP/POP.
With the setup being this simple, I know I could not even worry about setting up services in
rgmanager, but it would be nice to start/stop/check services on both nodes with one command.

Jason Lanclos                                        
Systems Administrator                                 
Red Hat Certified Engineer        
Southeastern Louisiana University		     

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