[Linux-cluster] CS4/ Heart-beat configuration (contd.)

Alain Moulle Alain.Moulle at bull.net
Wed Feb 1 16:03:13 UTC 2006

Alain Moulle wrote:

>> Hi
>> Is there a way to force the CS4 to use
>> another interface for Heart-Beat than
>> the one linked to the hostname ?
>> And if so, how to ?

>cman_tool join -n <other hostname>
>see cman_tool -h (or the man page) for a list of options.
>-- patrick

OK I have given this a try, and this does not work :
in fact, it returns : <other_name> not know in cluster.conf
or something likewise.
Knowing that, I have tried another thing :
set a name on eth1 in /etc/hosts such as :  nodehb #for heart beat
where is eth0 remains :  node (which also is the hostname)
Then in cluster.conf, I have changed all "name" values
from "node" to "nodehb"
And this seems to work : I mean the Heart-beat
frames are effectively running through eth1 now
and I have tried to failover by doing ifdown eth1 on
the first node and the failover has been successful.

So it seems that the Heart-Beat is not linked
to the IF linked to the hostname, but really linked
only to the names we put in cluster.conf.

Could someone confirm that point ?
And eventually tell me which eventual drawback I could
face to adopt this configuration ?

Thanks a lot
Alain Moullé

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