[Linux-cluster] /etc/cluster/cluster.conf

Lon Hohberger lhh at redhat.com
Fri Feb 3 15:18:28 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-02-02 at 16:36 +0100, Anthony Assi wrote:
>  I am debugging a Performance problem we are having with our Cluster,
> We have a 32 nodes cluster, using a GFS shared Volume,
> I would like to know whether this is a good configuration of the 
> "cluster.conf" File:

>         <rm>
>                 <failoverdomains/>
>                 <resources/>
>                 <service name="GFS">
>                         <clusterfs device="/dev/sdc" force_unmount="0" 
> fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/bdspecs" name="bdspecs" options="num_glockd=32"/>
>                         <clusterfs device="/dev/sdd" force_unmount="0" 
> fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/home/genouest" name="genouest" 
> options="num_glockd=32"/>
>                         <clusterfs device="/dev/sde" force_unmount="0" 
> fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/home/symbiose" name="symbiose" 
> options="num_glockd=32"/>
>                         <clusterfs device="/dev/sdf" force_unmount="0" 
> fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/home/irisa" name="irisa" options="num_glockd=32"/>
>                         <clusterfs device="/dev/sdg" force_unmount="0" 
> fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/db" name="db" options="num_glockd=32"/>
>                         <clusterfs device="/dev/sdh" force_unmount="0" 
> fstype="gfs" mountpoint="/index" name="index" options="num_glockd=32"/>
>                 </service>
>         </rm>

You really don't need rgmanager in this case.  The above rgmanager
configuration is just about equivalent to putting the GFS volumes
in /etc/fstab

-- Lon

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