[Linux-cluster] two nodes -> tree nodes

Omer Faruk Sen omer at faruk.net
Sat Feb 4 20:21:22 UTC 2006

Then is it possible to create a cluster with 2 modes without setting
two_node="1" ? Thus it will enable us not to reboot our servers when
adding the third node.

> Stanislav Polá¹ek wrote:
>> Hi everybody. I would like to add third node to the running cluster
>> without restart of the cluster services. But when I try to join the
>> cluster with the third node, the other two refuse the requests with the
>> message "CMAN: join request from node requested, exceeds two node
>> limit". My cluster.conf does not explicitly state the two_node
>> parameter, but cman seems to run in that mode. What would be the right
>> way to add the third node without restart of the cluster services on the
>> other two?
> two_node="1" Must have been in the cluster.conf file when the cluster was
> formed - that's the only way the flag inside CMAN can get set.
> Once you have a 2 node cluster the only way to add a node is to remove all
> nodes from the cluster and join them again without two_node set.
>>From 3 node upwards you can add nodes as you please - it's just the
>> transition
> from 2 to 3 that needs a restart because 2 nodes is a special case.
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