[Linux-cluster] Fencing agents on DELL PowerEdge servers

Celso K. Webber celso at webbertek.com.br
Thu Feb 9 15:18:57 UTC 2006

Hello all,

Would someone please tell me if there is a way to use a Dell DRAC card 
as a fencing device under Red Hat Cluster Suite v3? I could successfully 
configure the DRACs and Cluster Suite v4 to use the Dell server's DRACs 
as fencing devices under Red Hat Cluster Suite v4, but I could not find 
a way to do that under CS v3 since the fencing agents are in binary 
format, not in shell script format as they are in CS v4.

Alternatively, does anyone know if it is possible to use Dell's 
"ipmitool" and "ipmish" commands over the server's BMC IP so that I 
could build a fencing agent script for Cluster Suite v4?

Thanks for your advice.


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