[Linux-cluster] Where's the documentation?

Jonathan D. Proulx jon at csail.mit.edu
Thu Feb 9 15:52:34 UTC 2006

I have a piel of dumb questions that are best answered with RTFM, but
the only FM I seem to have is a couple of small README files in the
source diurectory.

[jon at borg1 src]$ ls cluster-1.01.00/doc/
min-gfs.txt  usage.txt

This was enough for me to get it working but I still have a
particularly poor understanding of fencing and shut down procedure (I
can get teh system to start cold, but if I bring a node down it
hangs.  seems to still be trying to leave the cluster after the
network goes down, bu tI have the clust shutdown scripts way before
the network shutdown scripts).

The only reference I can find in the archives points to the same two
documents (which are marvels of brevity, and as I said did get me
working).  Is there anything a bit more in depth?


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