[Linux-cluster] anyone experience with an itanium cluster running oracle ?

Greg Forte gforte at leopard.us.udel.edu
Fri Feb 10 14:33:13 UTC 2006

I am slowly building something similar, though with 10g and ES and not
Itanium (EM64T, though), and the outcome so far is a qualified "maybe".
Oracle is mostly OK with failing over from node to node, using just init
scripts I've crafted and the standard CS stuff - the database engine and
the listener work fine, as long as I temporarily change the hostname
during startup (and shutdown) of the services to the one it expects to
see (which is an alias associated with a floating IP address that always
gets assigned to the node running Oracle, anyway), but Enterprise
Manager is not so happy - parts of it work, parts of it don't,
specifically backup scheduling, patch grabbing/application, and
communication with the listener.  Other services that use Oracle have
been set up and are happy as clams, though.  I'm still waiting for some
help from Oracle on what the issue might be with EM.  I'll post further
info to the list as it comes ... if anyone else has been here before,
please do pipe up!


Ewald Beekman wrote:
> We want to run a HA failover cluster on
> HP Itaniums (DL740's) with Oracle 9i on top.
> So RHEL4 (AS for itanium) and Red Hat Cluster with GFS
> (the commercial supported stuff). 
> Oracle RAC would not be installed, so all HA should
> come from the OS cluster.
> Anyone experience with such a setup? Would you recommend
> against it? Wat are the caveats?
> tia,
> Ewald...

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