[Linux-cluster] Re: Doubts+Questions about iSCSI+LVM+GFS; multiple targets->one host

Mike Christie michaelc at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Feb 13 19:39:41 UTC 2006

michael.weitzel at uni-siegen.de wrote:
> Hi,
> has anyone tried Open-iSCSI together with LVM and GFS (Global File
> System; Redhat open source).
> I have a cluster of 8 nodes (x86_64) where 4 nodes export an IDE disk
> via ietd. The IDE disks were labeled by LVM's pvcreate and build a
> volume group with a single logical volume. This volume group can be
> seen from all nodes (nodes which export their own IDE drive use the
> native block dev instead of the SCSI-dev imported with open-iscsi).
> I've compiled and installed redhat's GFS and CLVMD to use this
> distributed volume group on all nodes simultaneously. Creating and
> mounting the GFS volume works but the filesystem gets corrupted after
> some testing. Any ideas? Can I disable write-caching for the
> iSCSI-devices? Has anyone used iSCSI+GFS before?

iSCSI and GFS should work. It does when using GFS and the older iscsi 
driver. I have not tried it with open-iscsi though. I did not imagine 
there would be a problem.

> Another problem: open-iscsi creates a new scsi-host for each imported
> disk. Is it possible to "bundle" the devices on a single host?

What target are you using?

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