[Linux-cluster] About writing on the FS

javier marasco javiermarasco at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Feb 21 18:18:47 UTC 2006

Hi , im searching information on how to the linux kernel writes into de FS
(local HD) , i mean , if i run an application , and this application writes
somthing on the HD , how it happend? , the steps , the syscalls imlpicated
on the process.
Please , if anyone have the procces by the kernel writes on HD (locally or
on a SAN) , please explain to me or givme the link and i read.
Thanks a lot , and excuse me if this is not the correct place to request

Antonio Javier Marasco
Service IT Solutions
www.serviceit.com.ar <http://www.serviceit.com.ar/> 
Tel.: 5277-3555 Fax: 4322-3555
Esmeralda 719 Piso 6
CP: C1007ABG
Capital Federal - Argentina

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