[Linux-cluster] GFS Crash

Chmouel Boudjnah cboudjnah at squiz.net
Wed Feb 22 10:04:37 UTC 2006

Velu Erwan <erwan at seanodes.com> writes:

> You're welcome ;)
> If you try a patch derivated from the 2.6.11 or even the 2.6.11 or
> later, please let us know if it had solved your troubles.

the first one was already applied on a std redhat kernel. I got the
second one thought, it seems that we have a directory with a lot of
files in it and seems take over for httpd when it looksup inside the

With the patch applied i don't seems to have the problems anymore but
i made a lot of tweaking on it so i am not sure if is a cause and
effect situation.

We are simply planning to workaround the creations of theses files in
our app. 

Is there people using GFS with directories that contains a lot of
files on it ?

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