[Linux-cluster] GFS crash

Patrick Caulfield pcaulfie at redhat.com
Thu Feb 23 08:48:37 UTC 2006

Daniel EPEE LEA wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 2 node GFS cluster  + SAN
> I'im installing cpanel WHM in a cluster, and after adding a sub
> interface ( eth0:1 )to one node's interface (eth0) , GFS crashed.
> ping node2.mycluster.cm was no more possible. and cman_tool nodes will
> show 2 nodes.
> Is it possible to sub interface to a GFS cluster node ?  And How do u do it ?
> Waiting for answers

We'll need considerably more information than that. Just adding another
interface to eth0 shouldn't crash the system (and doesn't on any of my machines).

What exactly was the crash? Which lock manager are you using? How many
filesystems were mounted? what were they doing ?


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