[Linux-cluster] GNBD + LVM on FC4

binky123 at excite.com binky123 at excite.com
Mon Feb 27 19:54:24 UTC 2006

I'd like some opinions on how to coalesce 6 partitions of 2TB each
over 3 PCs.  So the total filesystem size is about 12TB.  I tried
using gnbd to export from 2 servers and used LVM on the master to
create the 12TB logical volume out of 2 local partitions and 4 gnbd
partitions.  mkfs -t xfs got stuck waiting for
Disk I/O.  I tried several other variations and couldn't make it
work.  I posted the results on the LVM mailing list but wanted to
get other suggestions on what other software can be used. Thanks.

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