[Linux-cluster] newbie questions

Jason jason at monsterjam.org
Mon Jul 3 21:07:06 UTC 2006

> You get this message because of the missing IP address. As Gred
> mentioned before, you should change the ordering of your resources in
> your "Apache Service" as following.
>                 <service autostart="1" domain="httpd" name="Apache
> Service">
>                         <ip ref=""/>
>                         <fs ref="apache_content"/>
>                         <script ref="cluster_apache"/>
>                 </service>
I tried that and it didnt work.. 

> Well this seams all be correct. But the service rgmanager aka clurgmgrd
> is one of the last services which are started at boot.
> That's right because your service never started.

found out that I was missing the dreaded 
rgmanager-1.9.34-1.i386.rpm.. after I installed that, everything worked fine..

thanks for the help.


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