[Linux-cluster] quorum device: lock mounting by two nodes

sun sadm sunsadm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 14:01:38 UTC 2006

Hi Red Hat managers

We use RHEL4 update 3, RHCS and a SAN device. A 2 node cluster where only one
node is active (we do not use global file system, there is no
concurrent access).
With a case of an error, a fail over (inclusive storage device)
is accomplished.

We have now many human errors of the system administrators. They
mount the file system on both nodes. That leads to an inconsistent file
system. Who has/have also such experiences?

Does it give any mechanism, which prevents that the file system on
both nodes becomes mounted? Is there a quorum solution for RHCS?

We could set in starting script a flag (mounted or not) and merge this as
resource in the cluster. Are there improves and more elegant ways?

Please excuse my bad English.


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