[Linux-cluster] I/O scheduler and performance

Ramon van Alteren ramon at vanalteren.nl
Tue Jul 4 22:16:34 UTC 2006


I wondered if it mattered what default I/O scheduler I choose in my
kernel setup for gfs performance.
I've looking /sys/block but can't find any place to set the I/O
scheduler for my devices I run gfs off and looking at the docs it seems
that gfs uses the VFS layer in the linux kernel for it's reading & writing.

If I'm correct that should mean that the scheduler influences
performance right? If so what one would be benficial for gfs performance
in general (if such a statement can be made) and what scheduler would be
benificial for a workload that consists of mostly writes and fairly few
reads (90% vs 10%)

Has anyone experimented with different schedulers and measured performance ?

Grtz Ramon

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