[Linux-cluster] I/O scheduler and performance

RR ranjtech at gmail.com
Wed Jul 5 05:42:27 UTC 2006

Hi Wendy,

thanks for the response again.

Sorry, again just to clarify, I meant to say that MY configuration
will consist of the app cluster nodes accessing an iSCSI SAN using
GigE NICs. I don't have any PCI slots on these machines available to
use HBAs on them or believe me, I would be using iSCSI HBAs. Didn't
mean to say that that's a limitation of GFS or anything, sorry :)

Yes, I guess the only sure way to find out is testing but
unfortunately we're a start-up company with no resources (esp. human)
and limited equipment or methods to test the workload other than
putting it out into a field test scenario and measure/watch it during
beta/field testing. Lab testing won't be possible at all. Which is why
if I could, I'd like to make a decision now based on other people's
experience and just stick with that solution without having to re-do
everything with the other solution. If you know what I mean.

I just hope there are more people reading this who have real-world
implementations who could help me with some advice :)

Best Regards,

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