[Linux-cluster] two node cluster not coming up

Riaan van Niekerk riaan at obsidian.co.za
Mon Jul 10 08:49:52 UTC 2006

Kovacs, Corey J. wrote:
> Just a thought, this sounds like what happens when the /etc/hosts file is 
> not setup correctly.  If the hostname of the machines is in the loopback 
> line, then take it out and put a proper entry in. I still fail to understand
> why the installer doesn't add a proper entry when first installed if a
> network
> interface is indeed configured. That's a nother issue tho. 

I think the installer does this if DNS for the new host is not setup 
e.g. if it cannot forward lookup the entry for newhost.example.com it 
adds an entry for newhost to the localhost entry.
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