[Linux-cluster] Reduce virtual IP disable time

Riaan van Niekerk riaan at obsidian.co.za
Wed Jul 12 15:25:57 UTC 2006

I am looking for a safe way to reduce the time to relocate virtual IPs 
from one server to another (as managed by rgmanger in RHCS4)?

The project I am working on requires a large number of virtual IP 
resources (over 50). Here are some stats:
- Migrating a single VIP takes 11 seconds.
- Migrating 11 of them takes 122.

The major slowdown seems to be bringing them down:

- Disabling the service takes 110 seconds.
- Enabling the service takes 11 seconds

I found the "sleep 10" parameter in
commenting it out dramatically reduces the migration and disabling times 
(down to 12 seconds)

Is there any reason not to comment it out. The script comment above the 
command says
# XXX Let nfsd/lockd clear their queues; we hope to have a
# way to enforce this in the future
I am using the VIPs for web serving, not NFS


ps: I would prefer not editing scripts that belong to rgmanager. would 
it make sense to try and log a support call and an RFE in bugzilla to 
make it configurabl in /etc/sysconfig/cluster, for example, or elsewhere?
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