[Linux-cluster] not fencing a voting node dangerous?

Riaan van Niekerk riaan at obsidian.co.za
Fri Jul 14 13:57:03 UTC 2006

To prevent the "two nodes fencing each other" scenario of a 2-node GFS 
6.1 cluster, I have set up a 3rd node as a voting node:
- All the packages from RHCS 4
- lvm2-cluster RPM (if clvmd is not running on the 3rd node, lvm 
commands fail)
- no fencing device for this node.
- no access to the shared storage

My question is about fencing of the voting node: Since it will not be 
accessing the shared storage, can I have it running without a fencing 
device? The voting node is running a number of other services (not 
highly available) and having it fenced now and again would be really 

Under what circumstances would not having this node fenceable be dangerous?

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