[Linux-cluster] AoE does not discover

Arnd Schmitter xen at lgcm.de
Wed Jul 19 12:10:47 UTC 2006

Tracy R Reed schrieb:
> I have directly connected a machine to the machine that should be
> doing the aoe broadcast and I run tethereal on it and it sees nothing.
> I am thinking maybe my hardware is messed up somehow. I have AoE
> working properly from my disk node to my desktop workstation so I know
> the technology works and that I have the server set up properly.
> The server that cannot discover AoE devices is using a Tyan S2882-D
> Thunder K8SD Pro motherboard. Anyone know what ethernet drivers I
> should be using with this? It is very strange. It has two gigabit
> network ports. I understand it has a Broadcom gigabit chipset. But
> apparently it also has an Intel eepro10/100 chipset...maybe on only
> one of the ports. It is not clear. I cannot find any docs anywhere
> that explain this clearly. I originally booted it with the eepro10/100
> chipset and that detected a network interface, but only one. And it
> did not seem to be able to do AoE discovery over that interface for
> whatever reason. I removed the intel driver and compiled the Broadcom
> NetXtreme II driver into the kernel and it did not detect any ethernet
> devices at all.
> Is anyone using one of these boards? Care to tell me what driver you
> are using or exactly what kind of ethernet chipset it really has?
if it is a BCM5704C. you shoul use the Boradcom tg3 driver for your card.

lspci shoul normaly report the correct ChipID.

In the manual stands:

? Two Broadcom® BCM5704C dualchannel
Gigabit Ethernet controller
? Two RJ-45 LAN connectors with LEDs
? Connected to PCI-X Bridge A
? Three Front Panel LED headers
? One Intel® 82551QM 10/100 Ethernet
controller (Optional)
? Stacked USB 1.1 (two) ports and RJ45
LAN port on top

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