[Linux-cluster] Re: About CS global shutdown (Robert Peterson)

Patrick Caulfield pcaulfie at redhat.com
Fri Jul 21 07:37:25 UTC 2006

Alain Moulle wrote:
> Hi Bob
> I've checked the clushutdown script , and it is explicitely
> written iin the script :
> "This NEVER needs to be run in two member clusters"
> And I'm only in case of two member clusters ...
> So, I think that finally the shutdown sequence to apply
> remains :
> stop all HA applications via clusvcadm
> stop all CS4 services (rgmanager/fenced/cman/ccsd)
> and stop the node.
> This way, there is no risk to have fence sequences
> performed by the CS4, and no failover attempt.
> Am I right ?

Er, yes. that's what you should always do when shutting down a node!

I can't find your earlier message about cman failing to shut down but if it's
spitting out a message about active subsystems then that's exactly what it
means - something is still use the cluster services and needs to be shut down.



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