[Linux-cluster] Cluster Question

Robert Peterson rpeterso at redhat.com
Tue Jul 25 13:45:20 UTC 2006

enrique.sanchez at ng-con.com wrote:
> But apparently a consultant is telling me that this is not a cluster, and
> that a director is not installed and that this is not a cluster and I can
> see that even GFS telling me taht is joining a cluster so I'm really
> confused.
> Could you please tell me if this is a cluster? as far as I can tell I have
> a quorate and GFS mounts the stuff and clustat returns a cluster, please
> tell me if this is a cluster or not in your expert opinion.
> Thank you for your time.
> Enrique A. Sanchez Montellano
Hi Enrique,

Yes, this is indeed a cluster, at least by my definition. 
Perhaps your consultant is using a different definition than me.
Perhaps you can point the consultant at the faq:


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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