[Linux-cluster] E-Mail Cluster

Nicholas Anderson nicholas at fiocruz.br
Mon Jul 31 14:37:37 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I've an email server here in my job  that is starting to get slow 
because of the high volume of emails passing through it.
Today it's a single machine running smtp+auth, pop and imap services, as 
any email server.
I'm new to clustering and was wondering what would be the best solution 
when clustering an email server.

Today we've 1 server  with a storage where all mailboxes (mbox format) 
and home dirs are stored.
I'm planning to use 3 or 4 nodes running imap, pop and smtp, all of them 
sharing users' data.

Should I use NFS or GFS?

Is there any other good way to deal with this?

Any thoughts are welcome.

Thanks in advance,


(sorry about my english :-)  )

Nicholas Anderson
Administrador de Sistemas Unix
LPIC-1 Certified
Rede Fiocruz
e-mail: nicholas at fiocruz.br

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