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I was wondering if it would be a good idea to fence without any type of hardware, besides the pc's.

At the moment I have about 6 machines that I want to have a gfs on these 6 machines but due to budget constraints I cant afford to by hardware. How is it possible to fence without the use of hardware, besides manual fencing.

These machines are your basic desktop pc's, each has a 80gig HD and a 3Ghz P4 processor. They are all connected by a 1 Gigabit switch.

Would if be possible to use GFS or is there any other variant. They all run FC5( Fedora Core 5 ). I need some sort of GFS, because we intend on setting up a mysql clustering system as well.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Jason wrote:

>>What you use for a fence method all depends on your hardware.  If you
>>give a quick explanation of your hardware setup, we might be able to
>>help you pick a fence device that will work with what you have already.
>>Or if you don't have anything that could be used to block access, you
>>might have to buy some network power switches. 
>right now, all I have is 2 dell servers in a rack with identical configs. (dual ethernet 
>controllers and 1 separate controller for the heartbeat). 
Do your Dell servers have Drac support? RHCS supports Drac 4/I and 

>Both are running 
>linux-ha and are both connected to a dell powervault 220S storage array which is configured so 
>that both hosts can access the drives concurrently (cluster mode). Im following the instructions 
>http://www.gyrate.org/archives/9  and am at step 17.. which says to configure CCS.
>I guess we could get an APC power switch, but what would you folks suggest? i.e. what model for 
>just a 2 cluster node (each server has 2 power supplies). Or is there a better way?
An AP7900 would probably work for you. If you use system-config-cluster 
to configure your cluster, it will detect that you are fencing each node 
twice with a 'power switch' type of fence on the same level and set the 
appropriate attributes for you in the cluster.conf file.


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