[Linux-cluster] Cluster Suite

Vernard Martin vcmarti at sph.emory.edu
Mon May 1 21:03:49 UTC 2006

Chris Feist wrote:
> Where are you getting the Cluster Suite & GFS Rpms for?  The latest 
> versions are built against the latest (2.6.9-34) kernel.  You should 
> be able to find them on RHN.
I was trying to install RHCS & GFS as well but could only find the RHEL3 
version on RHN. Am I just looking in the wrong spot?

I found the SRPMs on the redhat site at 
which apparently was last built again the
2.6.9-11 kernle as that is what it was looking for in the .spec files 
for cman-kernel and dlm-kernel.

am I looking in the wrong spot? If so, where is the correct spot?

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