[Linux-cluster] Red Hat Summit - Cluster and Storage Talks

Kevin Anderson kanderso at redhat.com
Wed May 3 15:56:58 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Caution - this is a shameless plug for some of the cluster developers.

First, I would like to apologize but we have been too focused on getting
the new cluster infrastructure integrated, and pushing GFS2/DLM
upstream, that we have not organized a cluster summit for this year.

However, some of the key architects of the cluster components are going
to be speaking at this years Red Hat Summit
( http://www.redhat.com/promo/summit/ ) at the end of the month of May
in Nashville. Dave Teigland, Steven Whitehouse, Steven Dake and Jim
Parsons are all on the schedule to speak.

        * Dave Teigland will be covering the evolution and exposure of
        the cluster components APIs including DLM, CMAN and CCS.  
        * Steve Whitehouse will describe the changes between GFS and
        GFS2, reasons behind the changes and share some details about
        the new layout.  
        * Steven Dake is going to cover the openais project, the
        integration of totem protocol into the core cluster
        infrastructure and cover the new high availability APIs that
        openais provides and some direction on where it is heading. 
        * Jim Parsons will describe the Conga project, which is going to
        provide the new management interfaces and infrastructure to make
        cluster and storage administration much simpler.
All of these presentations are currently scheduled for May 31, the first
day of the Red Hat Summit, and will include some Q&A time. We have not
set up any formal cluster group discussions, but if people were to have
an interest, I would imagine that there would be ample opportunities to
find a local establishment where all of these guys would be to have an
informal get together of cluster developers.  It is not often that all
of these guys are in the same country at the same time, so hopefully we
can take advantage of it.  

So, check out the web site for the Red Hat Summit, we are under the
Cluster and Storage track.  If you sign up (sorry, but there is a fee to
attend), either let me know or respond to the linux-cluster mailing
list.  If enough cluster developers are interested, we can be more
specific about where we will be hanging out, rather than just strolling
all over Nashville.

Thanks and hope to see you in Nashville.

Kevin Anderson
Director, Cluster and Storage Development
Red Hat
kanderso at redhat.com

Red Hat Summit

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