[Linux-cluster] mount at other disk

proftpd at rodriges.spb.ru proftpd at rodriges.spb.ru
Sat May 6 14:36:14 UTC 2006


I'm using Vtrack as iSCSI target and 2 RHEL4 hosts as iSCSI
initiators. 2 RHEL in a cluster and have /dev/sda as iSCSI
attached targed. I make CLVM2
#pvcreate /dev/sda
#vgcreate test /dev/sda
#lvcreate -n test -L10G test

and GFS
#gfs_mkfs -p lock_dlm -t alpha:a -j 8 /dev/test/test

and successfully mount /dev/test/test at both machine. All

But then i'm increase the size of target at Vtrack. After I
remount iSCSI at 2 RHEL, i see that insteed /dev/sda target
become /dev/sdb!!! Of course, LVM2 wants to see /dev/sda as
PV. So I can't use data. 

What can I do to mount iSCSI targer always as /dev/sda?

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