[Linux-cluster] HP msa20 and rhcs?

Omer Faruk Sen omer at faruk.net
Tue May 9 11:04:33 UTC 2006

Since msa20 allows multi-initiator connections than I think it works with
dl380 since it has an external scsi port. Also I have heard that msa20 can
have an internal raid controller so ACU can configure it.

By the way I have doubts to use shared scsi in RHCS. Does anyone use it (I
am sure there are) and those who use it recommend it for a cheap but
RELIABLE cluster storage with RHCS?

> The MSA20 is only a disk shelf. You'd need to have it conneted to a raid
> controller
> which is built into the DL360 and above, or simply access the individual
> drives
> themselves. It does allow multi-initiator connections, but I think it's
> more
> along
> the lines of having multiple paths to an MSA500 which is a two node
> non-fibre
> if it can even be considered a SAN since no fibre is involved. It's not
> more
> than
> a high end external storage device.
> Corey
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> On Mon, 2006-05-01 at 22:11 +0300, Omer Faruk Sen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need a cheap shared storage and wanted to know if anyone in this
>> list used HP MSA20  (shared SCSI) on rhcs? I want to setup a 2 node
>> cluster with shared storage and cheapest HP shared storage seems to be
> MSA20..
> I've never used one; maybe someone else has.
> General rules of thumb when using SCSI shared storage:
> * If it requires a specific controller to make the RAID work, it probably
> is
> not a good bet, regardless of what the marketing literature would have you
> believe.
> * If it works with a plain-jane SCSI (ex- an Adaptec 2940U2W) card and
> still
> has some way of accessing the array management tools (ex: a serial
> port) for configuring/presenting the LUNs, it should generally "just
> work".
> There are undoubtedly exceptions to these rules.  I'm not at all familiar
> with the MSA20.
> I do, however, have a MSA500 which has been working fine.  The MSA500
> needs
> CCISS controllers to talk to the on-board MSA controller and configure the
> LUNs during bootup.  After that, the CCISS controllers act as "dumb" SCSI
> cards when talking to the MSA500, or so it seems.  It's been working fine
> in
> a 2-node failover cluster for a couple of years, but I have not tried it
> with
> GFS.
> Whether that means the MSA20 will work... I do not know.  It might ;)
> -- Lon
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Omer Faruk Sen

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