[Linux-cluster] Postgresql under RHCS4

Devrim GUNDUZ devrim at gunduz.org
Thu May 11 08:18:58 UTC 2006


On Thu, 11 May 2006, carlopmart wrote:

> Somebody have tried to setup two nodes with Postgresql under RHCS4?. Is it 
> possible to do this without shared storage like mysql cluster feature does?

If you want to run an active/passive cluster, then go on with 
RHCS+ext{2,3}(or GFS). PostgreSQL cannot run on active/active cluster 
systems, natively. However, you might give PgCluster a try. Even though it 
is not the best way, it is worth trying. Slony-II will be implementing 
multimaster replication feature, but it is still under development.

BTW, GFS is not a prerequisite, if you run an active/passive cluster; 
however I used it, in order to prevent a spof.

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