[Linux-cluster] question about rebooting master server

Jason jason at monsterjam.org
Sat May 13 19:46:33 UTC 2006

> Yes it is normal.  The gulm lock manager requires a minimum of 3 nodes
> in order to be able to determine who is master.  With only two nodes
> running and you lose one, the remaining node has no way to determine
> that you are not in a split brain situation.  So, the lock manager waits
> until quorum is restored.  For a two node cluster, you need to be
> running the GFS 6.1 and DLM for a lock manager on a 2.6 kernel.

aww man that blows.. ok, so assuming I get this 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 up to the 2.6 kernel and 
reinstall from the srpms at 

does anyone forsee any problems?? I mean running the 6.1 GFS on the 2.6 kernel on a base
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 3 box?


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