[Linux-cluster] Re: Size limits of the various components

Stanley, Jon Jon.Stanley at savvis.net
Mon May 15 13:21:08 UTC 2006


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> I've had no replies to this but following the recent failure 
> of gfs_fsck
> I'm guessing GFS still doesn't scale well.
> Or am I missing something?
> Stephen

All of this being said, I've found that a filesystem of any type really
doesn't scale well beyond 500GB.  Not a technioal limitation really, but
rather one imposed by backup limitations - at the restore rates that we
see (using tape), that would take over a *year* to restore a 100TB
filesystem.  By splitting it, you have the advantage of being able to
use multiple tape drives and simultaneous restore sessions.

I'm assuming that either the system is not backed up and the data is not
critical, or you have some other method for restoring the filesystem
should it go south????

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