[Linux-cluster] clustat

Marco Esposito Marco.Esposito at roma1.infn.it
Fri May 19 08:06:43 UTC 2006

hi, i have a question about my cluster...

using "clustat -x" I receive this message:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<clustat version="4.0">
   <quorum quorate="1" groupmember="1"/>
     <node name="node1.clusterlan" state="0" nodeid="0x0000000000000002"/>
     <node name="node2.clusterlan" state="1" nodeid="0x0000000000000001"/>
     <group name="ftp-service" state="112" state_str="started" 
owner="(null)" last_owner="(null)" restarts="2"/>

Why i get "owner" and "last_owner" equal to "(null)"???
while using simply clustat:

Member Status: Quorate

   Member Name                              Status
   ------ ----                              ------
   node1.clusterlan                         Online, Local, rgmanager
   node2.clusterlan                         Online, rgmanager

   Service Name         Owner (Last)                   State
   ------- ----         ----- ------                   -----
   ftp-service          node1.clusterlan               started

what is the problem?


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