[Linux-cluster] CS4 have a splitt-brain-problem in 2-node setup

Falk Hackenberger - MediaTransfer AG Netresearch & Consulting f.hackenberger at mediatransfer.com
Mon May 22 09:57:28 UTC 2006


I try to use the CS4 for managing a 2-node-cluster.
also i have a working fenicing-device (apc-powerswitch).
I think I have found a design-error in the CS4.

If you boot up one node(1) and this node(1) cant reach the other node(2)
node(1) trys to fence node(2).
This is fine...
but if the fencing fails, node(1)
starts his services via rgmanager without to be shure that the other
node is not working.
volia and you have a splitt-brain problem.

any solution for this?

any answer aka "use more hardware" is not a solution I think.

cu falk

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